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Driving Impact from Gig and Independent Talent

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Build for the Future of On-Demand Work

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How DIGIT helps organisations

Building a Successful Pilot Program

Key Components in Designing a Freelance Talent Program

Organisational Assessment to Leverage Freelance Talent at Scale

Mainstreaming the On-Demand Talent Model

Executive Summary

The global freelance talent pool is fast emerging as a strategic lever for organisations to drive business agility, access specialised skills and expertise, and optimise variable costs. Dedicated flexible talent programs tailored to meet these needs are emerging as a key task from talent leaders across the board with a very strong focus on transforming from a job-based to a skill-based talent architecture.

DIGIT (Driving Impact from Gig and Independent Talent) provides a quantified approach to develop a business case, augment internal systems and unlock the full potential of on-demand talent. It helps organisations develop a metrics-driven playbook to embed freelance talent into their people strategy at scale, and empowers internal talent partners and frontline managers to drive adoption.

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