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Why Flexing It is Your GCC's Strategic Ally

Explore flexible hiring options for your GCC - from short term projects to long term engagement. This helps your center adapt easily, scale efficiently, and maintain a dynamic workforce, boosting operational resilience.

Flexible hiring arrangements

Dive into a vast pool of vetted professionals, setting a gold standard for excellence. Hire exceptional talent for your GCC that meets and exceeds industry benchmarks at competitive prices.

Source talent at competitive prices

Plan your GCCs project budgets ahead with our consultant fee estimates tool - FeeBee.
Our simplified contracting and payment processes ensure your GCC’s focus remains on success, not paperwork!

Easy Budgeting, Frictionless Finances

Accelerate recruitment timelines with us as we secure top talent within shorter time frames. Maintain the readiness of your workforce without delays.

Shorter turnaround time

Scale your global capability centre with managed talent sourcing augmented with a freelancer management system to access, engage & and compensate your freelancers & deliver projects with success

On-Demand Talent for your Global Capability Centre

Manage your GCC on the go