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Early Stage Talent Mix

Your organisation has been assessed at the "Early" level in terms of its talent mix.

This indicates that your organisation has started to hire a few non-traditional workers, typically expert freelancers, for one-off requirements or specific projects.

Freelancer readiness level





As an early-stage organisation, you have

Likely engaged freelancers for one-off requirements or specific projects

A positive view about freelancers and keen to explore other skills or projects

Keen to understand how other organisations are leveraging this talent at scale and how Flexing It could be relevant

What does 'Early stage' mean in the DIGIT framework?

Based on your initial experience, expand the pilot program to include more than two functions within the organisation. This will help you gain broader exposure and build a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits and challenges of integrating freelance talent.

Build stakeholder alignment and awareness, amongst leadership and hiring managers on the vision and goals of the flexible talent program

Review and optimise your talent acquisition and management processes to ensure seamless integration and management of freelance talent at scale.
This may include streamlining sourcing channels, onboarding workflows, performance management frameworks, and offboarding procedures.

Socialise the concept and address misconceptions about working with freelance talent through targeted awareness campaigns and sessions.

Our Recommendations

Based on your responses to the DIGIT readiness assessment, we recommend designing a pilot program to extend flexible talent to more than 2 functions in the organisation.

This roadmap will help your organisation be well-positioned to move towards a more "Scalable" approach to leveraging freelance talent, where expert freelancers are systematically hired for specific roles or skill inventories.

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