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Scalable Talent Mix

Your organisation has been assessed at the "Scalable" level in terms of its talent mix.

This indicates that your organisation has established processes and practices for hiring expert freelancers for defined roles or skill inventories, with 5-15% of the workforce being agile workers.

Freelancer readiness level




As a scalable organisation, you have

Your organisation has made significant progress in integrating freelance talent into its workforce strategy.

You have developed a systematic approach to identifying and leveraging expert freelancers for specific roles or skill areas that complement your traditional workforce.

Your approach is well-defined and routinely practiced across many parts of the organisation.

What does 'Scalable' mean in the DIGIT framework?

Review your talent acquisition and management processes to ensure they are optimized for seamless integration and management of freelance talent at scale (eg. streamlining sourcing channels, on-boarding workflows, performance management frameworks, and off-boarding procedures)

Identify opportunities for further expansion or optimisation based on evolving business needs and strategic priorities

Form a dedicated project management office (PMO) to oversee the program success

Establish robust governance and monitoring mechanisms to ensure consistent adherence to policies, processes, and best practices related to the management of freelance talent across the organisation

Our Recommendations

Based on your responses to the DIGIT readiness assessment, we recommend a focus on smoothening of the flexible Talent Management processes for the expert freelancers

This roadmap will give your organisation a robust structure to move towards a "Managed" approach towards freelance talent. Core processes and roles will be aligned towards a blended workforce model, and the integration of freelance talent becomes a mainstream practice across the organisation

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