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Managed Talent Mix

Your organisation has been assessed at the "Managed" level in terms of its talent mix, the highest maturity level.

This indicates that your organisation has successfully integrated freelance talent into its workforce strategy, with over 15% of the workforce comprising agile workers. Core processes and roles are aligned towards a blended workforce model

Freelancer readiness level




As a scalable organisation, you have

At this level, your organisation has achieved a significant milestone in embedding freelance talent into its organisational DNA.

You have established robust processes, governance structures, and a culture that supports the effective collaboration between traditional and freelance talent segments.

What does 'Managed' mean in the DIGIT framework?

Continuously monitor and optimise your freelance talent strategy based on evolving business needs, market trends, and feedback from stakeholders

Implement advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to gain deeper insights into the performance, utilisation, and impact of your freelance talent segment

Develop strategic partnerships with niche talent sources, industry associations, and academic institutions to expand your access to high-quality freelance talent across diverse skill areas

Reinforce a culture that celebrates agility, innovation, and the effective collaboration between diverse talent segments. This may involve implementing recognition and reward programs, facilitating cross-functional knowledge-sharing, and promoting best practices in blended workforce management

Our Recommendations

Based on your responses to the DIGIT readiness assessment, we recommend a focus on aligning the flexible talent program with the overall talent management strategy in the organisation

This roadmap will help your organisation be well-positioned to solidify its position as an industry leader, driving sustainable growth and maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-evolving business landscape

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