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Traditional Talent Mix

Your organisation has been assessed at "Traditional" talent mix.

This means that your workforce predominantly comprises full-time employees, and there is low or no deployment of non-traditional talent, such as expert freelancers or agile workers.

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Conduct a quick assessment to identify key business areas or functions where agile roles can be incorporated. This includes analysing high-volume, high-attrition, niche, or difficult-to-source roles.

Ensure successful project delivery and use that to evangelise the flexible talent program

Carve out the first few projects by "deconstructing" the roles identified into skill-based projects suitable for delivery by freelance talent

This roadmap will help your organisation with a solid foundation to build a pilot program and secure leadership commitment for implementing a flexible talent program that leverages the benefits of a blended workforce strategy.

Our Recommendations

Based on your responses to the DIGIT readiness assessment, we recommend starting by identifying the priority areas where freelance talent will have maximum impact.

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In a traditional organisation,

Job roles are defined distinctly from skills

Workforce is primarily comprised of full-time employees

The organisation has limited exposure in leveraging independent talent for project-based opportunities and strategic priorities.

What does 'Traditional Talent mix' mean in the DIGIT framework?

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